Limestone Screenings
Limestone screenings are one of the most versatile aggregates. From use with interlocking stone to groundcover.
> Commonly used when installing patio stones and interlocking pavers.
> Commonly used as a compacted base.
> Retains shape when compacted.
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Crushed Limestone
Crushed limestone has a variety of practical applications.
> For use in applications requiring drainage or as groundcover.
> Can be mixed with screenings to be used as a compacted base.
> May be mixed in with concrete.
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Crusher Run
Crusher run is made of recycled concrete that has been pulverized.
> Commonly used as a compacted base for interlocking stone driveways, concrete etc.
> Can be considered environmentally friendly as it is made of recycled components.
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We sell both Brick Sand and Concrete Sand. They can be used be used for both work and play.
> Available as Brick Sand or Concrete Sand
> Brick sand is a fine sand used to make mortar.
> Concrete Sand is slightly more coarse and more suitable for mixing concrete
> Either can be used as play sand depending on personal preference.
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  Picked up or Delivered to you by the Cubic Yard.
What is a Cubic Yard? 27 cubic feet (3x3x3) or between 6-8 wheelbarrows depending on how much you load them.

Also available in 35 litre bags.

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