The Adora tumbled interlocking paving stone distinguishes your project by offering an irregular-sided paver with a textured surface. Tumbling adds an aged, weathered look that creates the perfect natural-looking stone that can integrate into the natural landscape.
A. 5.3x5.3x2.36; B. 5.3x7.98x2.36; C. 5.3x10.63x2.36; D. 7.98x10.63x2.36

Pathway Antico
The Pathway Antico provides a aesthetically pleasing and durable paving stone with an irregular surface and tumbled aging to produce an alternative to the regular tumbled paver. Use it in conjunction with the Adora interlocking paver as a border stone. 6x9x2.36

Strada Antico
Recapture the past with the tumbled Strada Antico interlocking paving stone. Enhance any landscape project with any one of the four available sizes, or a combination of them for distinct, elegant patterns. The random nature of the stone provides the characteristics of cobble-stone pathways and patios with ease and versatility. 10.26x13.7x2.75; 6.9x8.19x2.75; 6.9x6.14x2.75; 6.9x4.13x2.75

Bellagio Antico
The modular Bellagio Antico lends itself to individually sized installations, or endless combinations to create many pattern possibilities to accent any area.
Available Dimensions:
Large 15x11x2.75 inches (380x285x70mm)
Medium 11x7.5x2.75 inches (285x190x70mm)
Small 7.5x7.5x2.75 inches (190x190x70mm)

The textured surface of the Galleria interlocking paver captures the craftsmanship of hand-chiseled stones. Use one size for simple running patterns or combine three sizes to create your own random or geometric patterns.
Large - 5.91x8.86x2.36
Random - 5.91x5.91x2.36 and 5.91x2.95x2.36

The most popular paver, offered in the most extensive color line, the Standard interlocking paving stone provides the most creativity in the simplest geometric design. Ease of installation makes this stone a favourite of most individuals.
3.93x7.87x2.36 inches (100x200x60mm)

Double Standard
The Double Standard provides a clean, solid finish to any project. The installation patterns serve to enhance any landscape area. Combine it with the Standard paver for unlimited design possibilities.
7.87x7.87x2.36 inches (200x200x60mm)

The Oxford interlocking paving stone combines two shapes into one stone to create beautiful, elegant designs with ease of installation.
8.94x5.39x2.36 inches (227x137x60mm)