Prior to use always ensure that:

  • You have read the operators manual and are familiar with the safe use and care of your machine.

  • Air filter is clean (snow blowers do not have air filters), most internal engine damage that is caused by contaminants are introduced through a dirty the air filter. 

  • If using a 4-stroke engine, the oil level is full and is changed regularly.  It is recommended that oil is checked before every use. Running engine with insufficient oil will cause catastrophic failure. 

  • If using a 2-stroke engine, the oil to fuel ratio MUST properly mixed.  The only lubrication these types of engines receive is the oil which is mixed into the fuel.

  • If you buy fuel from a gas station make sure that the fuel is fresh (NEVER older than 3 months old) does not contain ethanol and has stabilizer in it.  Your storage container should have a tightly sealed cap to keep out humidity.

  • It is best to use an engineered fuel like Aspen or Trufuel, though they cost more than fuel available at a gas station their use will save you hundreds in repair costs over the life of the unit.  There are several other benefits to using this fuel. 

  • The unit appears to be in good overall condition, not rusting apart or have loose parts.

  • Your equipment starts easily (within the first few pulls).  If using an electric starter only use the starter in short bursts for a few seconds at a time. 

  • If using an electric starter only use the starter in short bursts for a few seconds at a time.  If the unit does not start wait one hour and then try again, if it still does not start have the unit serviced.  Improper use of an electric starter will dramatically decrease its life expectancy.

  • If engine has problems starting easily or does not seem to operate properly have it serviced ASAP to prevent further damage.       

Storage Tips:

ALWAYS store your unit where it is protected from the elements. 

Never store outdoor power equipment with fuel in the tank. 

At the end of the season drain or use up all the fuel in the unit. It will be easier to do this if towards the end of the season never fill up more than half of the fuel tank.

Always using Aspen or Trufuel will all but eliminate common carburetor issues related to old or contaminated fuel. 

If using automotive fuel (from a gas station) it is essential to circulate your fuel with the change of every season:  Take whatever fuel you have in your fuel storage container and put it in your car’s fuel tank.