Site Selection

  • If you are vegetable gardener select an area on your property that receives an abundant amount of sun. If possible choose an area away from any large trees or shrubs.
  • If you are flower gardener you will have to select an area on your property that is suitable to the types of flowers you choose to plant. Certain plants do not thrive in full sun.

Area Preparation

Inspect the earth and ensure there is a good base of at least 6 inches of good quality topsoil. If your soil has too much sand or clay we recommend that you amend it using triple mix. This is done by spreading the appropriate amount of triple mix over the area evenly. At this point, you should loosen the top 6 to 12 inches of earth while mixing the triple mix into the earth.


It is important to fertilize your garden regularly to give it the ability to give your plants what they need to grow. Organic Gardeners use Manure or Compost. Knowing when and how to fertilize is a skill that develops with experience. We recommend that novice gardeners fertilize annually in the Spring or Fall. In the Spring, spread Manure evenly over your garden and mix it into the soil when preparing the area for planting. In the Fall, simple spread over your garden and leave it there over the winter. As you gain more experience consider experimenting on a small portion of your crop by adding some fertilizer during the growing season. If you tell us what size of garden you have we can recommend a quantity.

When to plant

Many people plant after they are fairly sure there will not be another frost. As a rule of thumb, check the long range forecast during the first week of May and make your decision. Many gardeners plant their seedlings after the 14th.


When it does not rain ensure water your garden regularly every 2 days depending on the soil moisture. Invest in a barrel to capture rain water, for use in your garden on dry days. Cover the soil with mulch to reduce the frequency of required watering.


While most insects are beneficial to your garden some can be harmful. In most cases, the insects will go away, without treatment. Should you decide treatment is necessary, use organic products.


Enjoy the fruits of your labour with your neighbours, friends and family. Gardening brings a tremendous sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.