Site preparation is 75 percent of the work, so take your time and get things right the first time.

Before Starting

Sketch and measure the area call us and make an appointment.
We will ask you to select an interlocking stone and pattern for layout that suits your tastes.

Area Preparation

  • Excavate the area where the stone is to be laid to a depth of 6 – 8 inches below the desired level of the finished product.
  • Place 4 inches of the appropriate gravel product into area,┬áthen level it with the appropriate slope and compact.
  • Place landscape fabric over the area.
  • Add 1 inch of limestone screenings.


Place your interlocking stone, if necessary tap with a rubber mallet into place. Try to place your product to minimize the number of cuts you have to make.


Spread a thick layer of joint sand over the entire area and compact the sand and bricks into place. The compactor may scuff the pavers if there is not enough sand between it and the stones. If this happens the scratches should only be temporary.