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For immediate service during our business hours please call us at (416) 266-3915. Orders via email are welcome any time of the day.  Our email is checked frequently, please provide your contact information and the products or services that you are interested in. 



*Terms and Conditions of Sale: The person placing the order is an authorized agent empowered by the property owner(s), company/organization or other stakeholders to place and accept this order. Verbal or written requests for delivery beyond the curb line are at the sole discretion of Homeland. The authorized agent agrees that Homeland shall not be held responsible for any damages or penalties relating to delivery or use of the products ordered. Professional installation/care is recommended. Should the delivery not be accepted the customer shall pay cost of transportation, plus a 25% restocking charge. Homeland exclusively retains the right to cancel the order or change the delivery time without notice or penalty. Homeland does not make or imply warranties or guarantee the colour or composition of the products that it sells. Should Homeland be found liable by a court for any loss, damage, or injury pertaining to this sale or delivery its liability shall be limited to a sum equal to 100% of the invoice price thereof as the agreed upon damages and not as a penalty as the exclusive remedy. Homeland is not responsible due to over or under ordering material for any reason. All sales are final with the exception of pallet deposits. Pallet deposits are the sole responsibility of the customer to return to us.