Do it Yourself Projects
Anyone who takes their time who is physically capable of a moderate amount of physical activity can undertake a variety of landscaping projects. We have put together for your reference 4 of the most common landscape projects that homeowners typically try to tackle. Each project has been assigned a difficulty rating out of 10 to help give you a basic understanding on the complexity of the work involved.

> Gardening Naturally
One of the greatest senses of satisfaction is to grow a successful garden. By following a few straightforward steps anyone can do it. Whether you decide to plant flowers or fruit and vegetables, we will show you how.
Difficulty rating: 3 (existing garden) or 4 (new garden)

> Installing a new Lawn
A basic overview of how to prepare an area for the installation a new lawn. Instructions cover creating a new lawn from both sod and grass seed
Difficulty rating: 5 (seed or sod)

> Caring for your Lawn
A basic overview on how to care for your lawn including tips on mowing, watering fertilizing, harmful pest identification and damage repair.
Difficulty rating: 2

> Interlocking Stone Installation
This article will give you a good idea of what is involved in installing interlocking stone. As every home is different you will find you may have to make different allowances
Difficulty rating: not less than 6 (depending the size of the job)