Made from 1/3 topsoil, 1/3 peat loam, 1/3 manure - this rich soil is ideal for the vast majority of landscaping applications.
> Can be directly planted into.
> Can be mixed with any existing soil.
> Ideal choice for filling new flower beds, fertilizing before laying sod.
> Helps break down clay conditions in soil and bulk up soil that is too sandy.
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Manure Or Compost
Forget miracle grow, fertilize your garden the natural way. It does not get much more organic than this!
> Minimal odor (aged a few years)
> Shredded for easy handling (no lumps)
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Top Soil
Generally recommended for use when significantly raising the grade of an area that you wish to cultivate with grass, flowers or vegetables.
> Excellent for filling in swimming pools.
> For use when raising the existing grade over 10 inches.
> A good alternative to triple mix when considering ordering vast quantities. 10 yards or more.
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Top Dressing
A rich soil blend intended for organically fertilizing your existing lawn
> Can be used for over-seeding
> Suitable to most soil conditions
> Shredded for easy spreading
> Can be used for over-seeding
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  Picked up or Delivered to you by the Cubic Yard.
What is a Cubic Yard? 27 cubic feet (3x3x3) or between 6-8 wheelbarrows depending on how much you load them.
As a rule of thumb most gardeners with fair size homes could easily make due with 2-3 cubic yards annually.

Also available in 35 litre bags.

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