Uses For Different Materials

Triple Mix: If you wish to fertilize soil and help amend a soil that has a lot of clay or sand consider using triple mix. Triple Mix is recommended by us for filling in/topping up flower beds.

Manure: A staple of most good gardens. Use Manure if you are happy with the conditions of your soil and wish to fertilize it only.

Top Dressing: Used for naturally fertilizing your existing lawn.

Topsoil: Used to raise the grade of in an area that you later wish to cultivate greater than one foot. Fill in swimming pools.

Pea Gravel: Used in areas where foot traffic is intended. Pathways, Dog Runs, etc.

Mulch: Used as both a decorative groundcover around plants and shrubs, and as a means of reducing the need for watering.

River Stone: A decorative natural looking groundcover used in areas where foot traffic is unlikely to occur.

Crushed Brick: A permanent groundcover solution that is commonly found in commercial areas underneath trees or in high traffic areas where low maintenance groundcover is desired. Considered environmentally friendly as it is made from recycled brick.

Crushed Marble: A permanent groundcover solution that is commonly used as a border between different landscaped areas.

Brick Sand or Play Sand: A fine sand mainly used as the key ingredient in mortar, most children call it play sand.

Concrete Sand: A coarse sand mainly used as an ingredient in concrete. It is a great alternative to Play Sand as it can more easily brushed off clothing.

Limestone Screening: Used as a base underneath patio, interlocking and flagstone. It compacts very well and displaces water.

Crushed Gravel: Used as a porous base to in areas with poor drainage.

Crusher Run: Used as a compacted base underneath driveways, and concrete pads.