Power Equipment Maintenance and Repair

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Power Equipment Maintenance

Maintenance refers oil, spark plug and filter changes if necessary in addition to inspection and minor calibration of a unit that is otherwise running as it should.

Power Equipment Repairs

Repair refers to a unit that either does not start, runs in a defective or manner or has a visible defect.

Arrange Maintenance or Repairs

We sell both standard and special order parts. We service and repair most makes and models.

Includes repairs on power equipment such as trimmers, tillers, blowers, chainsaws, cut off saws, and generators.

*Warranty: We perform warranty work for select manufacturers, customer should confirm they have warranty coverage form the manufacturer.  They should also confirm with us via email that we are a factory authorized repair centre for their particular unit prior to bringing in a unit under warranty.  Improper use or maintenance will not be covered under warranty resulting in the customer being billed for the diagnosis and repair.  Improper maintenance includes old or contaminated fuel in the fuel system as well as units run with insufficient or improper oil.

*Repair: The unit should be tested by the customer at the time of pick up to verify the repair is to their satisfaction.  We recommend the use of non-ethanol fuels.